Raised in Hawaii and Japan, designer Melinda Yumi Butler is often inspired by the people and beautiful, natural surroundings of both places. Made with semi-precious gemstones, crystals from Swarovski, freshwater pearls, and precious metals, her jewelry designs are worn for work, play and special occasions by women of all ages.  These women are in Melinda’s thoughts as she makes their jewelry.  She truly enjoys working with her hands and tools, and bringing happiness to others through her creations. 

Melinda is also a piano teacher, now going on for 19 years.  Her friends whom many are performers - singers, dancers, and actors, also inspire her.  While in college, she took a few voice and dance classes and has also performed with the Hawaii Opera Theatre and Honolulu Broadway Babies. Although she leans towards simple, delicate jewelry, her memories of the stage, costumes, colors and lights move her to have some sparkle, elegance, and beautiful colors in her designs.   

Melinda will continue to learn her craft on her own, through the advice of her mentors, and classes.  She has especially enjoyed metalsmithing at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.  Her interests are also photography, art, and technology, all of which have complimented her jewelry business.

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Melinda is a creative, thoughtful and talented jewelry designer. Her attention to detail is superb. She makes thoughtful and discriminating choices when gathering materials for her creations. She combines an eye for quality with exquisite taste to ensure that each piece is unique and splendid. I would recommend Melinda to anyone who wants to purchase quality handmade jewelry.